Our Story

The name “New Roots” came into existence through a series of conversations with the inspiration being “starting all over.” Possible names included New Beginnings, Genesis, At the Foundation, and Rejuvenate, until our good friend blurted out, “New Roots.” It was perfect. The name captures everything that we believe in when it comes to health and fitness. We must start from the beginning, at our “roots,” and rebuild our attitudes toward exercise and nutrition. New Roots’ approach is not a quick fix. We don’t promise immediate results, and as with most things in life the easy way often isn’t the best way, or the longest lasting way. What we can promise is to give you the tools that will allow you to make life long changes, walk alongside of you, and empower you to stay healthy and fit for the rest of your life, not just until you hit your goal weight, fit into that smaller pair of jeans, or like the way your arms look.

New Roots Personal Training was created in Glendale, AZ in 2008. After two years in a crowded commercial gym, owner and founder Jesse Coddington decided to ditch the large crowds and intimidation of the gym, and created a safe and private environment for his clients to embark on their fitness journey. In 2010 Jesse and his wife Mandy made the move up the mountain to beautiful Flagstaff, AZ, Mandy’s hometown, where New Roots continued on as Jesse trained as an independent trainer. In 2013 New Roots found a home at their studio on 7th Ave. Since the move to the studio, New Roots has added Group Classes, Nutrition Counseling, and Corporate Wellness Classes, along with building a great team of Fitness Coaches, as well as being awarded 3rd place in 2016 and 2017, and 2nd place in 2018 in the Best of Flagstaff voting.

New Roots Personal Training is a place for “regular” people who are looking for a solution, not just a bandaid. New Roots is for people who are: lacking motivation, need help losing weight, building strength and endurance, desire motivation, want to perform better athletically at a variety of different sports, want to increase their flexibility, and who are ultimately searching for a healthier, more fit life. New Roots is the gym where you can feel comfortable in the body you’re currently in, while striving to make it better everyday. Today Matters.


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