1-on-1 Personal Training

As low as $35/session
When working 1-on-1 training with our trainers you will get personalized nutrition counseling, detailed proper instruction on exercise form, a higher degree of accountability than with group training, trainer assisted stretching, and “homework” for the days you’re not meeting with a trainer.

Group Classes

As low as $149/month
The number one goal of our group classes is to make sure anyone, at any fitness level, can participate, and get the workout that they need/want. We can’t emphasize enough that these classes are for ALL levels. The classes we offer are always a non-intimidating atmosphere that focuses on building strength, burning fat, increasing cardio endurance, achieving a strong core, and increasing flexibility and mobility.

Nutrition Counseling

As low as $70/month
For some people finding time to exercise isn’t a problem. Flagstaff is known for being a very active community with runners, skiers, hikers, cyclists, rock climbers, yogis, and individuals participating in adult sports, but often dialing in their nutrition proves to be an obstacle. Having a nutrition program designed specifically for your needs, paired with much needed accountability is a great way to ensure that you are able to perform at whatever level you desire.

Kids Class

$59/month, and $39/month per additional sibling
Our Kid Workout classes are designed to create a physical outlet for young people that is presented in a fun, non competitive way. These classes are great for kids that aren’t really interested in sports, dance, karate, or gymnastics, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t help improve their performance in those activities if they are involved in them. The class schedule for ages 6-11 is Monday and Wednesday rom 4:00pm-4:30pm, and the 13-18 year olds meet on Tuesday and Thursday from 4:00pm-4:30pm.

Online Personal Training

As low as $149/month
Our Online Personal Training allows us to help a wide range of people that don’t live in our area, or our clients that travel often, or work on traditional hours. Online Personal Training includes:

• 30 minute FaceTime/Skype Consultation.
• Personalized Workout Routine.
• Access to Online Training App.
• Videos of exercises to ensure your form is correct and safe.
• Unlimited messaging with Online Coach.
• 30 minute FaceTime/Skype End of Month Program Assessment.
• Discounts on additional Face to Face appointments.
• Discount on Online Nutrition add-on program.

Corporate Training

Pricing varies; contact us for more info
Corporate Wellness programs are a great way to help insure that your employees are getting the opportunity to learn healthy lifestyle habits, as well as reduce stress, and ultimately help keep employer’s insurance costs low. New Roots has had the privilege of providing fitness classes to NAPEBT, the benefits and wellness provider for Coconino County, Flagstaff Housing Authority, Flagstaff Unified School District, Coconino County Accommodation School District, The City of Flagstaff, NAIPTA, and Coconino Community College since February 2013.


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